LAPD Community Forum Meeting At L.A. Mission In Skid Row

LAPD Community Forum Meeting At L.A. Mission. Representatives of the Los Angeles Police Department, Neighborhood City Prosecutor’s Office, and L.A. County Probation Department met with Skid Row community activists and residents to discuss issues such as the Operation Healthy Streets, Safer Cities Initiative, Broken Windows Policing, and the LAPD’s new policing plan for Skid Row and dealing with the Mentally Ill. Skid Row residents also voiced their opinions and decent regarding the escalating harassment, use-of-force, and officer-involved shootings of Skid Row residents and the homeless by the LAPD.

Produced, Directed, Filmed, Edited, & Reported by JD Kelly ~ President/CEO of UNN.

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Should Skid Row have it’s own Neighborhood Council? (Opinion)

OG Man accepting an award at City Hall for the Skid Row 3ON3 Streetball Leaugue

OG Man accepting an award at City Hall for the Skid Row 3ON3 Streetball League

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Skid Row trash can update for 7/6/14

Good news on the trash can front. “The Bottoms” as it is referred to- the area around San Julian St. & 5th- has seen a tremendous increase in serviced trash cans in the last year and a half! The placement of these trash cans listed in this map represent the culmination of a HUGE amount of work & partnership between local community residents & the City of Los Angeles. The last map I did was on 7/14/13, HERE.

Trash Can Map 2014

The CD14 Working Group, headed by Ms. Sara Hernandez, assisted the Community in the placement of the 1st cans along San Julian Street. The placement of these cans was determined by consulting with the founders of Operation Face-Lift/Skid Row, who it should be noted were putting out & emptying donated & decorated trash cans for many years before the City stepped in through their Funky Trash Can Campaign. Much thanks to OG Man (Manuel Compito) & General Jeff for their service & dedication to a cleaner environment.

Next came what local folks have been calling, “Wendell’s Trash Cans” along 5th St. These trash cans came to be installed along “The Nickel” as a direct result of a meeting hosted at The Vortex, where local residents got to speak directly to Adel Hagekhalil, who is the Environmental Engineer and Assistant Director of the Bureau of Sanitation. Wendell Blassingame, recently dubbed,  “The Concierge of Skid Row” by the LA Weekly- worked with Adel to get these cans installed along the 5th St. corridor.

Finally, there are the “Operation Healthy Streets Trash Cans” installed along 6th by the City, who by now is very conscious of where local residents feel the need is greatest for trash cans & an improved environment.

The trash cans are being used appropriately & are full or half full most times I see them. I’d say this has all worked out quite well. Now…on to the next project.

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July’s Scheule for Skid Row 3ON3 StreetBall, Gladys Park DTLA

3 on 3 Flyer (July)

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Skid Row Population of DTLA (a working document)

This document is subject to revision as more & new information becomes available to me. If you have any information you would like to correct or share, please email:


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The Share-A-Meal food truck

The Share-A-Meal truck spotted on Winston & San Pedro St.

The Share-A-Meal truck spotted on Winston & San Pedro St.

I was hanging @ the intersection of San Pedro & Winston late at night last week, and a bright orange food truck came rolling up. I snapped this pic & decided to investigate what this was all about.

Turns out they were passing out free vegetarian (nice!) burritos to the homeless on the streets of the neighborhood. And, not in any Styrofoam containers (whoo-hoo)! Zero waste people- Google it- get on the bandwagon.

Here is a excerpt from their Share-A-Meal website:

Back in 2008 when the founders became inspired to form this organization, humanitarian aid relief camps in Sudan were being closed because no country including the U.S. and U.N. was willing to provide security to aid workers and relief volunteers for political reasons. Many aid workers were killed, the refugees were left to fend for themselves, and many men, women, and children died from starvation and oppression.

Around the same time, the founders visited the Golden Temple, the spiritual center of the Sikh community in Amritsar, India. They come from a multi-faith background, i.e. Sikh and Christian, and during this visit, the legend of Khalsa called to their consciousness. This is because the architecture of the Golden Temple has four doors to welcome people from all faiths to come together in prayer and in service of a community meal called Langer. An inspired community of all faiths grew from this lifestyle of service and the legend of Khalsa was born. Khalsa included the Saint Soldiers who laid down their lives for the human rights of all in their battles with oppressive forces of the time. They represented humanity and served humanity irrespective of nationality, religion and culture.


This Share-A-Meal food truck seemed to appear out of nowhere late at night on a dodgy intersection in Skid Row (after sundown that is). A middle aged man covered in blood had just run across my path giving me that familiar uneasy feeling that things can still be dangerous in the streets here despite all the “DTLA revitalization hype”- but then, this truck seemed to neutralize that sight.

The excerpt up above mentions the Golden Temple in India- a few years back I wrote of this same Temple here. Mysterious coincidence!

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Late Spring Skid Row Haiku

Fifth and San Pedro

Two men dead in a week’s time

The corner stays mum


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