2nd Annual LAPD Central Area CPAB Skid-Row Community Clean-Up and Outreach

(Brady Metcalfe sent out this email to many people today. Brady has organized a clean-up before in 2012- see HERE)

Dear Friends,

We are holding our 2nd annual Skid-Row Community Clean-Up Sunday October 5th from 10 am to 2 pm.  We will be sweeping and shoveling the sidewalks and gutters in the center of Skid-Row along 6th Street from Wall to San Pedro and along San Julian Street from 5th to 7th Streets.  The Midnight Mission has been kind enough to provide lunch at the conclusion of the event to all volunteers.

Please find the flyer attached.

If you are in Property Management, please forward this information to your tenants/tenant contacts to let them know about this event as an excellent way to provide a greatly needed community service.

If you are a Service Provider, please forward this information to your outreach teams to organize a group of personnel to join us during the event and make contact with and develop a conversation with the homeless in the hope that we can help some folks leave the sidewalks that day and begin progress toward moving into permanent supportive housing.

Please RSVP to me with what you can do to help.

Thank you,

Brady Metcalfe

Cell 213-605-2785

Annual Skid Row Community Clean-Up 10-5-14

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*Video* Ladies Take The Mic For Skid Row Talk

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Ladies Take The Mic on the Bobby Buck Show

Ladies Take the Mic-Skid RowThe Bobby Buck Show

A variety Talk Show to give a voice to The People & Activists while interviewing Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, and Movers & Shakers to gain ideas and solutions to better our Communities.

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This show was just the beginning of opening some eyes and raising some eyebrows. A friendly debate of common people who share different ideas on issues and solutions in the Skid Row community.” – Bobby Buck


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Skid Row Photo Op with José Huizar – Video

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Skid Row Gets Serious Signage by Tom Grode

General Jeff and artists with the new mural (Photo by Stephen Zeigler)

General Jeff and artists with the new mural (Photo by Stephen Zeigler)

Momentum is not a word you usually associate with the word mural, but “mural momentum” describes the special appearance of Councilmember Jose Huizar on San Julian the morning of August 14th.

The story of the Skid Row mural is being told all over…

Updated Skid Row Mural ~ Downtown Los Angeles  (L.A. Taco)

Skid Row Gets City Recognition Through Murals (PHOTOS) (LA Weekly)

Map: This Mural Calls ‘Skid Row’ By Its Name, Not That ‘Central City East’ BS  (laist)

In 2006, during the Jones lawsuit over homeless people being allowed to sleep on the sidewalk due to a lack of affordable housing, a Federal court established legal boundaries for Skid Row.  These boundaries were not established by a Federal court disconnected from local realities.  These boundaries of Main, Seventh, Alameda, and Third are listed on the website of Union Rescue Mission, the oldest private homeless shelter in America.

The problem is much of the rest of DTLA doesn’t know about these boundaries or refuses to acknowledge them.  In either case, this mural momentum is helping change that status quo.

One of the keys in understanding the Skid Row significance of this mural is it was done grassroots style and not through a non-profit.  The dominant narrative for decades in Skid Row has been individuals completely dependent on big government and big non-profits.  In more recent years a new narrative tells of people being empowered in their own personal lives by participating in Skid Row community groups and local initiatives.

The Skid Row mural both tells you where this new narrative has been happening as well as being an example of it happening.

By Tom Grode

Blogger’s note: The views expressed in this blog post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Trees on San Pedro Street Project editrix, Ms. McNenny. This is a Community improvement blog and not faith-based.

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Skid Row Restroom Survey 7-30-14

This survey was done to check on the facilities listed from the most recent Operation Healthy Streets Budget which you can read HERE. This survey was conducted specifically to give the Mayor’s Office a Skid Row resident’s perspective.

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